Future Hope: Coping With Covid

In Kolkata in India the virus is spreading rapidly through the city.  Many people are out of work and there are many newly homeless families living on the street with nothing to eat.   There have been two catastrophic cyclones and widespread flooding in the region.   The government is increasingly concerned about what is going to happen to the ‘Covid orphans’.  

In this final podcast about Future Hope we hear from founders, Tim and Erica Grandage, CEO, Sujata Sen, School Principal, Madhu Ravi, and Senior Girl, Jhili, who sang and composed the music.  We also hear from alumni Rajesh and Mintu, who was the very first Future Hope boy.  Don’t miss little Naitik at the very end.  You can catch up with all Future Hope’s news on Twitter or Instagram or on their website www.futurehope.net.    They never stop helping other people to make the world a better place.

It is Mintu as a young boy who we see in the picture.