Jenny and Her Exoskeleton

Jenny Hudson was paralysed in a riding accident four years ago but, despite being told that she would never walk again, she is walking with the help of an exoskeleton and a gifted physiotherapist, Louis Martinelli, from Hobbs Rehabilitation in Winchester.  The Ekso Bionics company’s mission statement is ‘we use technology to empower human mobility’ and it feels like the potential of the exoskeleton is boundless.

Mind Over Matter

In a week when a new vaccine for Covid 19 has been unveiled, this is a podcast focussing on Getting Fit.   My doctor daughter broke it to me several years ago that, as we get older, we have to exercise more, and more, and more…it appears it’s exponential…especially with the threat of further viruses around the corner.

United We Climb

Bouldering is a relatively new take on an old sport which has boomed in popularity over the past few years. Traditional images of climbing focus on athletic body types, but increasing numbers of people are realising that it offers something for everyone. Yasmin is a paraclimber who’s discovered its magic. Indirock is a new bouldering wall on a mission. In their own ways they want to increase diversity within the climbing community and encourage a new generation to discover the sport.

A Glimpse of Russia

At this time when everything is so uncertain around us, it is pure joy to listen to the recordings of Vladimir Kryuchev in his home town of Sergiyev Posad in Russia.  He is an international award-winning audio producer and has just won the top radio prize in Russia for ‘The Bots and Spammers Dating Club’ but it’s his portrayal of his community, his town and surrounding villages, that, for me, is his overriding achievement.  Just sit back and enjoy his gentle voice and the touching vision of a Russia that we never normally see.

The Twilight Journey of The Strolling Conjuror

This is a podcast about a remarkable man who left a form of audio diary with his suitcase of conjuror’s tricks to his nephew. We hear his indomitable spirit as he continues to take his magic show to cheer up the elderly and infirm as he battles with his own increasing frailty.