Now My Love Be Strong

Darren has the charm of the Devil and Lorraine is the love of his life.  As I edited their story, I realised I was editing ‘West Side Story’ cut and pasted into the heart of East London.  It is a story of love, deep, abiding love, murder in self-defence and 28 years in prison.  

The song ‘You and Me’ was written by Darren for Lorraine after one visit when she was finding life particularly hard.  Performed by Darren and members of band, The Pinnacle, as part of the Sounding Out project with The Irene Taylor Trust.

Darren is now working with The Message helping advise and re-settle ex-offenders.

‘ ‘Marvellous, not just for the message but for its elegant simplicity and the clear happiness that came through.  V inspiring!  Many thanks and real respect.’ (in an email). Gillian Reynolds, Radio Critic, Sunday Times

Photograph:  Nigel Henderson (1917-1985)
 ‘Gillian Alexander at play, Chisenhale Road c.1950’

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